Thursday, July 1, 2010

A "Heartless" New York

Okay, so maybe my title is more of a joke...but I think that to represent the joke, I'll first post the Kanye West video for the song... "Heartless"

Recently, I have found that the city and some of the people in it have ways of making you feel poorly about some decisions you make...For example: Not stopping to talk to the people with blue "Help the Children" shirts, Not taking a moment to "Learn how I can assist in finding the cure to cancer," Not taking a break from my day to learn about "Why Jesus Died for Us." Each time I walk away from a person who has approached me to take a survey, I begin to wonder if they are cursing me under their breath, making me feel even worse that I "don't want to help children with one leg and cancer." But the ultimate "heartless" encounter occurred on a train just a few days ago, when a man who appeared to be homeless and said he was homeless entered the train I was riding on and started begging for money. When no one threw any change his way, his response was "Doesn't anybody have a heart?"

And to help me answer that question...I've posted a video of the New York Pride Parade from Sunday afternoon...which shows just how much of a heart the city of New York has, as hundreds marched down 5th Ave, and thousands upon thousands cheered along the side line. A few of my good friends have come out over the past few years and I admire their ability to overcome obstacles and deal with the challenges of those who don't understand their choices.

In a time when people could be throwing hate repeatedly at those who have come out...the city stands together to show pride for those willing to come out and be strong in those choices. And I'd say that makez the city pretty heartful. Take a look.


  1. Thank you so much for this post, I got chills from both watching and reading it. I absolutely agree, the Pride parade and festivities are an excellent example of community, acceptance and love permeating boundaries. However what was so touching about your video was your involvement in this issue. Every year, after the lights go down and the flags stop waving, there are still kids all over the country and world whose biggest fear is to come out as they are. Something as simple as asking your first crush on a date becomes a painful and fearful experience. The hate crimes still being perpetuated and the societal uncomfortability with gay people (especially men) still persists. That is always the morning after feeling that I get from such a beautiful experience of solidarity, hope, and love. I thank you for extending these beautiful messages beyond the 16 block radius and your caring with something that doesn't effect you personally. Your video was moving and heartfelt! Go Celibs!

  2. I agree with RJ! This is a great rejoinder to all the supposed heartlessness.

    The line that really annoys me is "Do you have a minute for...(human rights, the environment or whatever). I have *much more* than a minute for these issues, and usually I am a member of the group that uses that line, (HRC, Amnesty, Greenpeace). I am their audience, I donate money, I participate in events....but I don't want to talk about it when I'm rushing to get on the E-train!

    So...because I do care about these organizations, and I'd like to see them be successful, when I have a minute on the street - I usually say something like: I donate to your org, I care deeply about the issues - but please let your supervisor know that your script is offensive to the very people you want to involve.

    OK - end of rant!

    Nice work, Libs.