Monday, January 16, 2012

"Still I believe, wondering what if, is the worst thing there is"


It's the elephant at the circus asked to perform for hundreds of people.

It's the mouse singing for the wolves.

It's in every moment that we stand up and expose ourselves to possible embarrassment, failure, or critique. It's in the moments we feel as though we could be eaten alive--or wish we could be eaten alive to avoid humility. It's in the moments we can say NO to do something that we feel as though may cause us sadness or grief. It is in the moments we will later look back on and say "what if?" It's in the moments we feel scared--yet safe--all at once. It's in the moments we discover our emotions, our feelings, our deepest fears. It's in the moments that we find our deepest strengths. It is in the moments where we find ourselves.

I'll go out on a limb to say that vulnerability is quite beautiful.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Candide: A simple lesson in optimism.

Look ahead-Face forward on the train-See the glass half full-Find sunlight during stormy showers-Smile when it's difficult-Cry when you need to-Sob for joy-Try something new-Find something you love to do-And do it once a day, every day-Write down your dreams, your passions your goals-Envision a positive glow radiating off your face-Stumble and then stand-Fall and get back up-Laugh at things that don't seem funny, but that deserve a giggle-Think about it later-Laugh again-Look in the mirror and compliment yourself-Do it again-Note each positive word you hear during the day-Make a collage of the words later- Turn off the light and still imagine a brightness-Imagine distant success-Go with your heart-Cheer someone up-Reconnect-Learn a new quote, a new word, a new poem-Discover a unique and novel talent-Practice it-Practice it again-Show it off-Brag a little-Have an ego-But don't let it blow up-Get excited-Feel wonder and awe for others-Believe in you-Believe in others-Believe in the unbelievable-Do the impossible-Stray from the path-Get lost-Find yourself-Place your feet forward-Don't look back-Stay optimistic-Candide.