Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Real World

Song lyric of the day : "I wish the real world would just stop hassling me"

So everyone knows that one of the chores that recent grads must deal with is finding health insurance, while also trying to find full-time jobs, because if there is no full-time job--well then there is no health insurance--at least until September...because well ObamaCare doesn't go into effect until then.

So needless to say after that first paragraph, I am going to go on record to say that I have been living without health insurance for over two months now, and that legitimately scares me. One: I don't have the money to support myself if God Forbid something terrible forces me to go to the doctor. And 2. Because I am a freelance production assistant, it means that I have also been putting myself in harms way at my job by lifting heavy boxes, playing with fire, etc. 3. because I live in NYC a majority of the week and there are lots more places to pick up colds, flus, get hit by random bikers (like I did on my birthday), and apparently bed bugs, than there are in my hometown of PA...again making me more prone to accidents or having to visit a dr.

Now--I haven't purposely been living without health insurance. I have been attempting to get myself health insurance since the day I graduated. I filled out paperwork, what felt like endless pages on the computer, and then i sat and waited. A few weeks later I went through underwriter questions on the telephone based on pre-existing issue I dealt with last year, and then I sat and waited again--and waited some more, until three weeks ago the insurance company that I was seeking insurance through called both my house phone and my cell phone to say they had to ask me questions. They then continued by sending me an email--immediately following the phone calls that I was unable to attend to. When I called back, I was put on hold for nearly a half hour, and I hung up. This resulted in me not having time to call back again, which resulted in chaos that will I will refrain from writing about on a public blog.

So today, I made time to make a phone call. I made the call, reached a real person--not an automated machine asking me to hold--and they asked me why I was calling them...that they had no record of needing to talk to me any further and that my status was still under review

I then responded by asking why do I keep getting calls asking me to call them back and the woman on the other side, with a tension in her voice answered my question by saying that it was automated and that I would continue getting the call until my status updated. When I asked why, if they had no questions for me, would the system still need to continue wasting my time...she answered by saying "that's just the way the system works."

So at the end of the day, there is still chaos--and there is still no health insurance. I sit ...still waiting in harms way.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting our priorities straight

Someone said to me today:
When is Chelsea Clinton getting married?
And my response was: The Gulf is filled with oil...and Haiti is still struggling...yet this is what our media and it's readers concern themselves with.

As of recently, I have been asked to transcribe many interviews about the free and cheap things to do in the five boroughs of New York. One of the interviews revolved around composting, another revolved around the water treatment plant in Greenpoint, and a third revolved around rooftop gardens in Greenpoint and eating locally. Also, as of recently, my favorite actress, Sophia Bush has made it very well-known that completely in support of a greener environment and has offered many many tweets publicly letting people know about how she feels about the oil disaster in the Gulf. She and on/off screen boyfriend Austin Nichols have worked hard to show their fans and others how much the Gulf has been struggling and what we can do to help. They have also started to raise funds via and

Thus far Sophia has raised $7,000 and Austin has raised over 4.5 thousand. Whether you can donate a 10 dollars, words of encouragement, or a helping hand, anything will help, and it's time that all kick it into overdrive--this is our nation and surrounding nations we are talking about and it's important.

To leave is a Jimmy Fallon tweet:

jimmyfallon: British PM Cameron & Obama gave each other pieces of art. It’s not necessary, Britain. You already gave us a HUGE oil painting

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Polar Opposite Feelings

This past week, I experienced two parts of New York City that I hadn't experienced before. While both were experiences that are considered must haves in the city, I would only want to experience the second of the two again. And what was the first experience, you ask, that I swear i will never go through again? That would be the experience of the New York City Macy's in Herald Sq. Basically my entire experience just made me want to let out a thousand Wilhelm Screams...

Why was this the case?

Macy's in Herald Square is comprised of more than eight floors of clothes across a span of two buildings essentially. It is a giant maze of confusion, and all I wanted were board shorts for the beach.

Of course when I asked a worker if they had board shorts, the response I got was: Any would be in the swimming section, on the third floor, but I am positive we don't have any.

Well she didn't even positively know where the swimming section was, because when I got to the third floor, they laughed and said--that's all the way on the 8th floor. So I hopped the elevator and made my way up...and what was the first thing I saw? A nice black pair of board shorts.

Thanks worker lady.

Thank goodness the weekend brought a second experience that I wouldn't mind being in the city for, for years to come. And that was the Fourth of July Fireworks which I was able to watch from a friend of a friend's rooftop.

Here is a picture that my friend took of the fireworks...I think it says it all.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A "Heartless" New York

Okay, so maybe my title is more of a joke...but I think that to represent the joke, I'll first post the Kanye West video for the song... "Heartless"

Recently, I have found that the city and some of the people in it have ways of making you feel poorly about some decisions you make...For example: Not stopping to talk to the people with blue "Help the Children" shirts, Not taking a moment to "Learn how I can assist in finding the cure to cancer," Not taking a break from my day to learn about "Why Jesus Died for Us." Each time I walk away from a person who has approached me to take a survey, I begin to wonder if they are cursing me under their breath, making me feel even worse that I "don't want to help children with one leg and cancer." But the ultimate "heartless" encounter occurred on a train just a few days ago, when a man who appeared to be homeless and said he was homeless entered the train I was riding on and started begging for money. When no one threw any change his way, his response was "Doesn't anybody have a heart?"

And to help me answer that question...I've posted a video of the New York Pride Parade from Sunday afternoon...which shows just how much of a heart the city of New York has, as hundreds marched down 5th Ave, and thousands upon thousands cheered along the side line. A few of my good friends have come out over the past few years and I admire their ability to overcome obstacles and deal with the challenges of those who don't understand their choices.

In a time when people could be throwing hate repeatedly at those who have come out...the city stands together to show pride for those willing to come out and be strong in those choices. And I'd say that makez the city pretty heartful. Take a look.