Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting our priorities straight

Someone said to me today:
When is Chelsea Clinton getting married?
And my response was: The Gulf is filled with oil...and Haiti is still struggling...yet this is what our media and it's readers concern themselves with.

As of recently, I have been asked to transcribe many interviews about the free and cheap things to do in the five boroughs of New York. One of the interviews revolved around composting, another revolved around the water treatment plant in Greenpoint, and a third revolved around rooftop gardens in Greenpoint and eating locally. Also, as of recently, my favorite actress, Sophia Bush has made it very well-known that completely in support of a greener environment and has offered many many tweets publicly letting people know about how she feels about the oil disaster in the Gulf. She and on/off screen boyfriend Austin Nichols have worked hard to show their fans and others how much the Gulf has been struggling and what we can do to help. They have also started to raise funds via and

Thus far Sophia has raised $7,000 and Austin has raised over 4.5 thousand. Whether you can donate a 10 dollars, words of encouragement, or a helping hand, anything will help, and it's time that all kick it into overdrive--this is our nation and surrounding nations we are talking about and it's important.

To leave is a Jimmy Fallon tweet:

jimmyfallon: British PM Cameron & Obama gave each other pieces of art. It’s not necessary, Britain. You already gave us a HUGE oil painting

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