Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Polar Opposite Feelings

This past week, I experienced two parts of New York City that I hadn't experienced before. While both were experiences that are considered must haves in the city, I would only want to experience the second of the two again. And what was the first experience, you ask, that I swear i will never go through again? That would be the experience of the New York City Macy's in Herald Sq. Basically my entire experience just made me want to let out a thousand Wilhelm Screams...

Why was this the case?

Macy's in Herald Square is comprised of more than eight floors of clothes across a span of two buildings essentially. It is a giant maze of confusion, and all I wanted were board shorts for the beach.

Of course when I asked a worker if they had board shorts, the response I got was: Any would be in the swimming section, on the third floor, but I am positive we don't have any.

Well she didn't even positively know where the swimming section was, because when I got to the third floor, they laughed and said--that's all the way on the 8th floor. So I hopped the elevator and made my way up...and what was the first thing I saw? A nice black pair of board shorts.

Thanks worker lady.

Thank goodness the weekend brought a second experience that I wouldn't mind being in the city for, for years to come. And that was the Fourth of July Fireworks which I was able to watch from a friend of a friend's rooftop.

Here is a picture that my friend took of the fireworks...I think it says it all.

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