Sunday, April 25, 2010

Five Top Questions to ask In an Interview

With my previous post, revolving around job interviews, and my internship coming to an end, I think the link to this video is important to post:

5 Top Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

I also have a bit of bias towards Tory Johnson, since I had the opportunity to shoot a show with her this semester. A few words on Tory: She is one of the most professional, well-mannered, intelligent people that I have met in New York City.

I even used her advice in my latest job interview--and it's was very helpful.

I also took the time to ask Tory, on Twitter, if it is okay to ask:
"How many other candidates are up for the same position?"

Here's Tory's response:

"Sure & where do I stand in that process? Do u have any concerns about my ability to excel in this role? Gives u chance to address"

Give it a try next time you have an interview.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's all about what you do--not who you know

With less than one month to the end of my internship, I have been struggling with some big decisions. Things finally seem to appear more clear though, now, as I looked ahead past graduation and past my big wishes to of course, to live in a big city.

In less than two weeks, I had two job interviews. One was totally not for me, and the other could be a huge break and a huge start to my future career in television. It's funny how that works out. You think a job could have potential to be your dream job, and then you find out it's completely opposite of anything you want to do. Then a job you never even imagined looking at or applying to becomes very real, and you realize that this could in fact be what you were waiting for--even if it's not WHERE you were waiting for it.

Sometimes, it's about taking risks, getting your feet wet, and just knowing you made the right decision. I can only hope at the end of this week, I will have that decision to make.

And I am happy--and proud to say that it was through my own hard work--my own good merit that I have reached the point that I have reached. Many people will tell you that it's about the "who you know..." Sometimes, it's about the producer you met on your last shoot, or the director you talked to outside the premiere of their movie--or the guy you got coffee for, for months and months, just so he would read your script.

And while I firmly believe networking is the perfect way to reach out to people--I do think that too comes with the cost working hard. You can't network well, if you don't prove that you are a hardworker. You can't make a connection with someone, if you don't show them that you really clearly know what the hell you are doing out there.

I didn't get my job interviews by asking my boss to talk to people--though she talked to others (which has not led to a job interview yet), . I did it by working my way up through two internships and building my resume through experiences at each of those internships.

My advice ... with three weeks to graduation ... with three weeks to the real world is: Don't get down if you don't know someone higher up--and don't give up if people tell you "it's all about who you know." Life is full of obstacle. Maybe you'll be unemployed for a bit...and maybe the perfect job won't be there at the beginning--but that doesn't mean it's the end--it just means its a more difficult beginning which will in turn bring a more rewarding end...Just keep doing you.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sweetest Guy in New York City--Mr. Channing Tatum

One of the best parts of my time in New York City has been getting meet a lot of the people that I have had the opportunity to meet. I have met singers, actors, dancers, artists, wardrobe assistants, make up artists, illustrators, sound mixers, producers, directors, grips, and PA's. I have met a range of people who work in private industries, television, and marketing. I have met people who are hustling three jobs just to get something in a month, and I have met people who have their life set.

Part of my internship in New York City is all about taking initiative, going out in the world and making connections. You never know who you are going to meet--even on a subway train.

My friends have started to make fun of me for one of my hobbies in the city, which includes checking out film locations and seeing the stars of the shows and movies. Something I need to really push when I tell my stories is that a part of my trips out to sites is more than just seeing the people get filmed, it's about observing what is going on--talking to people on the set who work 12 hours a day to make sure it all gets done the right way, and making sure they get my name. The network that I am trying to build is much more phenomenal than the three moments I get curled in the arm of a celebrity--though it happens to be a perk.

So today, when I headed out, I didn't know if I would see Channing Tatum--it could have been Katie Holmes, it could have been Al Pachino, or it could have been a whole bunch of cameramen doing location scouting for tomorrow. When I arrived to the Son of No One location today, I quickly learned that it was Channing indeed on set, as well as Tracy Morgan. I watched from the opposite side of the road the many takes that the camera crew did. And I watched as Channing worked his magic, and as PA's took care of crowd controls off to the side. Everything seemed calm, and everyone seemed relax--this was the type of atmosphere I would most be interested to work in. As the shoot came to an end, Channing crossed the street to leave the set, laughing and smiling. I took this chance to ask if he'd be willing to take a picture. He laughed, "Of course, but how about not in the middle of the road?" I laughed back and said "Actually I thought we could get hit by a car together." He laughed and kept walking toward where we would take the picture. He then held out his hand and said "I'm Channing..." (as if he had to introduce himself--what a gentleman). So I held my hand out to him, looked up (much taller than me), and said hi I'm Libby..." "Libby?" he said, "Yep," "Nice to meet you, hello Libby." I then asked him about the film and how he liked it. He followed up by taking the picture with me, and when i said "Thanks," his response was perfect "This is the easy part."

I give him a lot of respect, because he really is a genuine guy. He doesn't even seem to be smiling to fake it. It was probably the best celeb encounter that I have had, and I am glad I caught him there.

Moving on from the picture, I headed over to some of the PA's and talked with them for a but. I got different vibes from them than I have gotten from other PA's. They were more optimistic about the PA world and the job itself. They seemed happy with what they were doing. It seemed to completely match the atmosphere of the filming I witnessed. It was just another reminder of why I am here in NYC and how much I want to break into the industry. Something good is coming--I can feel it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Going beyond the dish with Stephen Fried...and a Soprano

Following two weeks of TSNY research, it was time to dive into something new for a bit. When one of our editors approached me to write promos--like I had earlier in the internship, this semester, I got excited. There must have been over 30 promos to write. After taking care of the primetime promos, my editor called me back into his office and said "How do you feel about writing banter between the two Steves." I responded simply with a yes, but inside I got all bubbly..."Woo I was going to write scripts," I thought. I headed back to the desk that I have made my home recently in the office--at least until a new freelancer comes in and needs it, and I got to work. By the end of the day I had 8 scripts written for an upcoming show that we are piecing together...with Stephen Fried and Steve Schirripa.

The following day, we didn't get to use my scripts--as a majority of the shoot was pushed back to this coming week. BUT I did get to meet Mr. Stephen Fried and Mr. Steve Schirripa--two very talented food show hosts. Stephen even signed my script...

I look forward to the next time I get to go beyond the dish ...with each of them. Maybe I will even get to test out the vespa.