Sunday, April 25, 2010

Five Top Questions to ask In an Interview

With my previous post, revolving around job interviews, and my internship coming to an end, I think the link to this video is important to post:

5 Top Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

I also have a bit of bias towards Tory Johnson, since I had the opportunity to shoot a show with her this semester. A few words on Tory: She is one of the most professional, well-mannered, intelligent people that I have met in New York City.

I even used her advice in my latest job interview--and it's was very helpful.

I also took the time to ask Tory, on Twitter, if it is okay to ask:
"How many other candidates are up for the same position?"

Here's Tory's response:

"Sure & where do I stand in that process? Do u have any concerns about my ability to excel in this role? Gives u chance to address"

Give it a try next time you have an interview.

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