Friday, June 25, 2010

A Look Back and a New Beginning

Now that I have been writing here for six months, I think it’s a good time to look back and see the progression that I have made.

You see, sometimes to understand where you are , you have to see something from your past, and since we can’t physically do that, we need to find records of it. These records can be scrapbooks, yearbook, report cards, graded tests, old papers, or in my case—journals. For me my look back goes beyond the six months that I have kept this blog; it goes back to 2002-2004, when I wrote in my N Sync covered journal about the hardships I was facing at the whopping age of 13.

From looking back at this, I realized a lot—I still sign my journals the same way—However I must have thought I was cooler than, because I spelled “Libz” with a “z” as opposed to an s…something I didn’t even remember being called until my freshman year of college. Also learned that I write of similar things in my journal then and my private journal now—sadness.

But I didn’t and still don’t seem to write of goals and experiences like the way I do in my public blogs online. Often times, people tell me that I seem so chill and reserved—this may be because I often times don’t appear overly energetic, I don’t laugh out loud unless you are really funny, and I don’t ever show impatience or anger. Maybe I need to find that balance in both my journals and reality. Maybe I need to learn to live out the positives and negatives in both my private and my public spaces. Maybe this will help you...and me...get to know the true Libs better. Maybe it'll make it all a little bit more "real" as opposed to "reel." So from now on, Libs on the Reels is always going to be REAL.

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  1. I respect the fact that you are looking to experience the spectrum of existence. I agree that reflection and going into the past is possible through diary's or journals although I often find that what I found SO pressing at the time is not at all even an issue to worry about. Teaches me to not worry too much about whats going on in the present.