Thursday, June 24, 2010

A peek into what I do each week...

It's safe to say that this week has taken a lot out of me. Between the hit and run on Saturday, commuting to Bethlehem, back to New York City, and then back to Bethlehem again, and working in the heat the last three days I've found myself using all my spare time to sleep--and after this post maybe you'll understand why.

I thought that a good way to to help you visualize what I spend my weeks doing at Forensic Files could be done by posting a few videos that Medstar Television produced of building the reenactment sets. Unfortunately, there are no embedding codes, but I have posted a few links, and I hope you will take a look.

Creating The Set


Casting the Roles

It is important to understand that lighting, looking at the set, and doing everything to make sure it matches, doesn't mean just flicking on a switch, and letting the actors dive into the roles. It also involves a grip (lighting guy), a DP (camera guy), production assistants, the producer, and the director, all working together to make this recreation match accordingly. The pre-light for a shoot can take anywhere from 2-6 hours, and the shoots themselves can last anywhere from 3 hours to 18 hours, depending on what needs to be shot and how it needs to be shot, and other factors.

It's something that can take a lot out of you--and should, if it is all done right.


  1. This is so interesting! What a wonderful learning experience!! I'm jealous...I'm with you on the hectic and busy schedule, I just got off of a 2hour bus ride packed with 5-12yr old on the way home from camp!! haha tired much?

  2. i love how you talk about your helps us (the readers) connect to you

  3. busy busy...just like me!!

  4. everyone can relate to a hectic schedule, im taking two online classes while having 3 jobs... sleep doesnt exist for me haha