Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hit and Runs are Meant for the Baseball Field not the City Streets

Today, I write in regard of the disappointment New York City bestowed upon me. For the first time, I was angered and saddened by the city all at once, and I found it hard to really describe what I was feeling inside. I guess I felt betrayal by the city which I treat so well: Park my car on the correct sides of the street, refuse to litter my banana peels each day on my walk, follow all traffic warnings, remember not to turn right on a redlight because it's against the law in New York City--that's right I treat the city with the utmost respect. But apparently that's not enough to bring good karma to your car all the time. Thank goodness the car was still driveable in daytime.

When I approached my car and saw that someone had hit it--and ran--I did the only things I could think to do. I cried. I called my dad. I cried. I called my mom. I cried. I texted friends cursing NY drivers. I called the cops. I called to cancel my Rhode Island trip. I cried. All I could think of after the whole process of the police report (in which the cops essentially laughed at me when they saw the damage and then sarcastically asked if I knew what tape was so that I could tape my car back together), was the Dane Cook piece where he talks about car accidents and how everyone wants to be part of the action when one happens. However, this was not the case after the hit and run that caused the front left panel, front left headlight, and front of my bumper to crack and pull away from the car. I could have only been so lucky.

Here is his piece:


  1. Damn, gotta love the cops who laugh when you call in need. Sorry about the car libs. Remember in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. Don't let an unfortunate event change you and keep throwing those banana peels away. Perhaps you could see if there was a street camera somewhere around and do some detective work. Perhaps post the video for the world to see what a "bad" New Yorker is like!

  2. some people can be so insensitive. stay strong chica!! at least you weren't in the car when it happened. keep your chin up! things will get better :)


  3. jeez i know how you feel. i love how in a time where your upset you can still find humor in it and post dane cook.

  4. That sucks so much. Keep your head up. This could have happened anywhere because it's just how people are unfortunately.


  5. Definitely - AJ is right...that kind of thing happens everywhere. Don't be mad a NY - it didn't mean it!

    Glad to see you using video in this post! You have definitely found your voice.

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  7. I feel your pain. I am an avid street parker myself, and my poor car has taken the brunt of it. Cracked tail lights, Broken Windshields, dented front fenders. I know you are not asking for advice, but maybe you should do whatI do. After the dust settles and your car is fixed, take solace in the fact that your car is fine now, and whoever hit it is going straight to hell.

  8. Peter , I like your advice. I think I'll relish in that for a bit. Thanks for all the rest of the support, all. My car is currently being looked at by the appraiser, and hopefully, it will be back in commission within a week.