Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Your show mattered--It's what got me here"- A "Reel" Story

I started this blog over a year ago with an intention of following the "reel" in New York City. My blog often features posts about real-life struggles, inspiring moments, and comical outbursts. This post is a return to the root of the blog, as I returned to the "reel" world yesterday to get a glimpse at what I one day too hope to be a huge part of: the fictional television world.

If I had been on my A-game yesterday when I had a few minutes of opportunity to speak with Hilarie Burton, I think I may have told her that the show One Tree Hill, of which she was a major character on, made all the difference in the direction and path I chose.

Realizing how difficult it is to write story-lines, continue story-lines, and cut story-lines when necessary, I fell in love with the television show. I often thought to myself, "Where do Mark Schwahn and his writers get it from? Who granted them this gift?" And it inspired me to want to write--a lot. And then it inspired me to want to write for television and film a lot. And then it became clear to me that despite many people's beliefs that television can hurt the mind--it was really the only thing that directed me in the path that I wanted to go.

I only hope that I can create a story-line that people cherish and love as much as Peyton and Lucas--or a story-line as epic as the romance between Nathan and Haley, or a conflict so endearing as the one between father and sons.

While I didn't use any cheesy renditions of quotes from One Tree Hill, I did have the chance to speak with Burton, while she was taking a break from the White Collar set. We talked about her production company, how difficult it is to walk in heels, New York City, Wilmington, NC where I recently visited, and the eye candy she gets to work with. It was one of those chances to speak to someone that you really don't want to blow by losing your cool.

Fortunately, I had met the production manager who introduced us during rehearsal and he and I were able to chat about the industry, where it's been and where it's going. We were also able to discuss White Collar, how the shoots differ from other shoots, and how much shooting is left for this season. Like many days last year, when I checked out the sets of Law and Order SVU and Gossip Girl, it made a great learning experience--and again, only got me much more excited about the path that I have chosen and intend to continue on for a long time.

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