Saturday, March 20, 2010

Red Carpet Stunning

My red carpet experience in Rome, Italy, two falls ago, was life changing. After seeing the stars, meeting famous faces, and having the opportunity to witness a premiere, I knew that film was now the career that I wanted to pursue.

My red carpet experience this week was a reminder of all of the moments I spent on the Rome red carpet. While my host actually stood on the red carpet, asking questions, I stood on the sideline, interacted with fans, and met the stars of the new movie The Bounty Hunter. Who are these stars? They are the glorious Gerard Butler and then fantastic Jennifer Aniston. In a perfect world, these encounters would be a bit longer than 20 seconds, but of course I will take what I can get...which was a picture with Miss Aniston.

My host didn't do too shabby either on the carpet as she got solid quotes from Butler, Aniston, and even Lindsey Vonn who attended the premiere.

To watch our stations That's So New York Piece click on the link below.

For Kela, and for me, it seemed like there was nothing better than a beautiful day on the red carpet.

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