Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And the Oscar goes to....

And the Oscar goes to ME in my performance in episode 5 of the show Job Hunt.

At minute 19.

Okay--so maybe it wasn't Oscar award winning--and if an award was given for best Skyper on a TV show, I guess that would be an EMMY...BUT someone recognized me getting off the train the other day, so that was pretty nifty in itself!

But this week really was all about the Oscars--at least Sunday was. And why wouldn't it have been? It's considered the Super Bowl of Hollywood. So maybe the commercials aren't as entertaining, but the hosts are counted on for that. Unfortunately, even they weren't that entertaining this time around.

In order to prepare, I checked out the Meet the Oscars exhibit at the Time Warner Center--a special that our station covered for a That's So New York segment. I figured, if my station covered it, and it's going on--and it's free. I might as well check it out myself. And I did. While the exhibit was small, it did offer a lot of information, I may have never gotten had I not gone. For example, Judy Garland was one of only 10 to have ever received a Juvenile Oscar. What was a Juvenile Oscar Award? It was an award given to a special youngster who outdid others, like Judy Garland, Shirley Temple, and Mickey Rooney. The Oscar was smaller than a regular Oscar, but after only giving out 10 of them, the Academy decided to end the special award, as child actors were beginning to be recognized as just as--if not more--talented than those who may have been more seasoned or trained. Too bad for young girls like Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin

For more info on the Oscars, be sure to check out the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science at

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  1. I want to meet Oscar one of these days. How did all that gold feel in your hands? Cold? Heavy? Smooth?