Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feed the Beast: an Artists' Salon

Are your neighbors banging their drums too fiercly? Is their keyboard out of tune? Is their guitar amp—a tad too loud, and their voice slightly out of tune? Then get out of your apartment and head to a SoHo penthouse where all these sounds will blend together perfectly for a delightful evening. No earplugs necessary.

This Saturday, September 17, you can step off the alleyways and into an eloquent, fun, and easy going cocktail party as Suzy Sellout and Prints Charming SoHo put on their fourth—(and likely final) Artists' Salon, a collaboration of musicians, dancers, artists, and poets who come together to perform, mingle, and interpret a specific theme.

That theme? Feed the Beast.

A 20 dollar donation is suggested (food and wine included), but you’ll feel like the evening was worth much, much more as you “dress to the nines,” connect with creative minds, and enjoy a variety soulful entertainment.

After attending my first Salon in April, I made it a point to clear my calendar for any event that the wonderful Kathrine Becker and Ari Millner planned, crafted, and coordinated in the future. Their professionalism, organization, and careful consideration of all acts is nothing short of superb.

The bottles pop at 8:30 and the show starts at 9. Trust me, it’s not something you’ll want to miss.

How will you feed the beast?

Get started by RSVPing to Kathrine at

Then head to the event for these talented artists:

Antoni Mendezona

Joe Yoga

Jiliane Russo & Friends

Suzy Sellout

David Chang

Ben Williams

Simon Morris

Howard Haines

and more!

Curated by:

Kathrine Becker:

Ari Millner:

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