Monday, July 4, 2011

Wedding Bells--Wedding Bells--Wedding all the way

Some days, you wake up, you brush your teeth, you turn on the hot water, and you go through the motions. And some days, you wake up, you brush your teeth, you turn on the hot water, and you smile about what's ahead, what possibilities the day may have, and even what possibilities the future may have.

This is the experience that I had on the day following my brother's wedding in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Beaming with happiness, Ted and Katie walked down the aisle together as Mr. and Mrs. Segal at nearly 4:45. Their arms were linked in one another's and their smiles extended past the end of the longest pew. Nothing was going to come between them on this lovely, beautiful day that provided an abundance of sunshine, and scenery.

The ceremony, the reception, and the after-party all reminded me of a song that I recently heard at a songwriter's night down at the Duplex in New York. The man sang of how he hoped his wedding day, which was a pretty glorious day, was actually going to be the worst day of his life, so that all the moments afterwards were ones he could only look forward to with joy in his heart. And he's right--just think, if a day as good as your wedding day is the worst day of your life, as of forward, then it's going to be a pretty wonderful ride.

I hope like Ted -- and Katie, her parents, my parents, and sister and her husband, I can only find someone to spend that day with.

Here's to love...and weddings...and happiness.

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