Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eighty Years CANNOT be Enough

I discovered today that the average lifespan of a person is between 80 and 100 years. This actually saddens me. EIGHTY YEARS? I have already lived 1/4th of that?! And lived is an overstatement, because I spent much of that time worrying about the little things like--grades or how many calories were in a chocolate bar...or what to wear. I spent too much time WORRYING and not living.

A lot of people tell me that I am only 22 years old and that I have so much time left to discover all the wonderful things that this world has to offer. But then I get concerned that I am ALREADY 22. There is no way that I had enough time to color enough coloring books, trace enough drawings, or eat enough sugar before I realized how bad sugar was. So my new goal, with my move to Italy closing in, is to learn how to enjoy even the most simple things like a coloring book I didn't finish when I was younger, or a pack of smarties --or a rainbow after a rainy day.

Eighty years is not enough time to discover the other side of the rainbow without seeing the rest of the world. But it's worth giving it a try.


  1. I will definitely take 80 years over a shorter life expectancy.. It makes me sad for the little kids who are not even expected to live past 5 or 6.. Did you know that in some developing countries they don't even name their kids until they turn 5.. Thought that would be a fact that you would be fascinated by...

    Great post love.

  2. I have a passion for learning new facts like that. Thanks for sharing! I will store it for safe keeping : ) And I agree, I would def take 80 years over a shorter life expectancy, but I just hope that 80 years is enough time to be exposed to all the beautiful things this world has to offer as well as enough time to lend a hand in making more beauty in this world.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I must admit that you're the first person I've heard describe the average New Yorker as friendly! I'm looking forward to exploring the city this fall.

    80 years isn't nearly enough to get everything done, but keeping that fact in mind definitely makes you appreciate every day! Great post!

  4. And sadly those years seem to pass by more rapidly the more of them we've worked our way through... 80 years isn't enough, but carrying the perspective that "life is too short" around with you every day, forcing you to squeeze every last drop out of every last day, may be more than most people do with their eighty years :)